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According to the St. Anselm of Canterbury's formula fides quaerens intellectum, "Razón y Pensamiento Cristiano" (RYPC) is an online journal that, since 2009, has been focused on interdisciplinary issues in which theology, sciences and humanities converge. Our main motivation is to face the challenge of integrating Christianity with several contemporary fields of knowledge, from Protestant and Evangelical perspectives, but trusting in the intellectual advantage of ecumenical understanding, interfaith dialogue and pluralism of ideas. We also focus on the deepest human questions, taking into account the intellectual and religious needs of Ibero-American people. In practice, our goal is to distribute technical and academic material to university students, professionals, and the general public. We also are interested in mantain contact through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Diversity. Most of the issues discussed here require cross-cutting, dynamic and integrative approaches. We value the interfaith dialogue, debates and constructive critics, because they allow original, informed and competent opinions. We disagree with Fundamentalist views, which usually claim that they have the absolute truth on the basis of biblical literalism as the only exegetical method, because they are opposite to the free discussion.

Ibero-America. Although on this journal there are material from another countries, we consider that it is extremely important to preserve, appreciate and disclose our Ibero-American cultural identity. It's not our aim to promote uncritically cultural projects from another regions. But rather, we prefer to study the interaction between Ibero-American perspectives with another ones, in order to understand how identity influences our way of thinking and acting.

Apologetics. Today there are some branches of Christianity that depreciate the value of apologetics, building a Christian worldview based only in pragmatism. We reject this position. We claim that Christianity, according with the understanding of the early disciples of Christ, must be able to make sense all dimensions of human being. However, we argue for a complete re-definition of the discipline (in particular in the Evangelical and Protestant world). So we move away from the traditional defensive and offensive understanding of the Christian faith with particular foundations of authority, and the utopian pretensions of absolute intellectual control on the mystery.

Debates. We recognize the need to generate serious dialogue about issues that, by their nature, are too polemic in some religious and skpetical circles. Therefore, we do not close to the possibility of holding formal and well-structured discussions, with respect and tolerance. Note that for these special cases, the proposal must be studied and approved in advance by the editorial board of the journal.


Director and founder

Manuel David Morales, PhD
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

Editorial board

Angélica Eliú Patiño, MSc, PhD stud.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico
Carlos Eduardo Salinas, BA(c)
Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico
Jorge Silva, MA
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile
Pablo de Felipe, PhD
Centro de Ciencia y Fe, Spain
Revd. Sergio Simino, BTh, MA, MTh stud.
Instituto Superior de Ciencias Religiosas de Barcelona, Spain

Web management and translations

Ms Adriana Esmeralda Valadez - Santiago, Chile
Ms Cecia Millán - Mexico City, Mexico

Advisory committee

Antoine Bret, PhD
Universidad de Castilla–La Mancha, Spain
Gustavo Daniel Romero, BSc, BEc, DipA
Instituto de Neurociencias, Educación y Asistencia, Argentina
José Luis Avendaño, DTh(c)
Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Canada
Hilary Marlow, PhD
Faraday Institute, St Edmund's College Cambridge, UK
Liliana Beatriz Martínez, PhD
Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina
Óscar González, PhD
Emmanuel College, USA
Revd. Pedro Zamora, DTh
Facultad de Teología SEUT, Spain

In addition to these people, we have an international network of scholars and collaborators, who maintain informal connections with our journal.

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Razón y Pensamiento Cristiano