Ciencias Naturales
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades


Ciencias Naturales
  • AAAS Dialogue on Science. Ethics and Religion. Program of AAAS, established in 1995 to facilitate communication between scientific and religious communities.
  • American Scientific Affiliation. Fellowship of men and women of science and disciplines that can relate to science who share a common fidelity to the Word of God and a commitment to integrity in the practice of science.
  • BioLogos Forum. Scientists, biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians, pastors, and educators, dedicate to explore and promote the integration of science and Christian faith.
  • Christians in Science. International network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers and students.
  • International Society for Science and Religion. Academic Society dedicated to the promotion of education through the support of inter-disciplinary learning and research in the fields of science and religion.
  • ISCAST, Christians in Science and Technology. Australian organisation formed by scientists, theologians and professionals, dedicated to exploring the interface between science and the Christian faith.
  • Réseau des Scientifiques Evangeliques. Le RSE, lancé sous l'impulsion des GBU, est ouvert à tous les chrétiens évangéliques à profil scientifique, ainsi qu'à ceux qui ont un intérêt professionnel pour le domaine.
  • Science and Religion Forum. Association composed by scientists, theologians, and clerics, which has its origins in Durham U.K., during a meeting in 1975. 
  • Sociedad Educativa Latinoamericana para Fe y Ciencia. Comunidad interesada en la educación de la ciencia y su relación con la fe cristiana, abierta a científicos, educadores, estudiantes, cristianos y todos aquellos interesados en temas de fe y ciencia.
  • The European Society for the Study of Science and Theology. Society of scholars engaging in the study of ideas regarding our scientific knowledge and powers as they interact with our Theologies, our values, dreams and convictions.
  • The John Templeton Foundation. Organization that serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality.
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
  • ArtWay.eu. Motivated by a Christian view of life, ArtWay seeks to open up the world of the visual arts to the interested lay man and woman.
  • Corporación Sendas. Entidad cultural de carácter privado, sin fines de lucro, dedicada al rescate del patrimonio cultural e histórico evangélico chileno.
  • Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts. Organization that promotes a vibrant engagement of Christian theology and the arts at Duke Divinity School and beyond.
  • Evangelical Philosophical Society. Organization of professional scholars devoted to pursuing philosophical excellence in both the church and the academy.
  • Faith and Leadership. Educative organization that participates in the cultivation of thriving communities that are signs, foretastes and instruments of the reign of God.
  • L'Abri Fellowship International. Study center where individuals have the opportunity to seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life.
  • Society for Reformation Studies. Society based in the U.K., but encourages membership from anyone with a scholarly interest in Reformation and Renaissence theology, spirituality and related disciplines.
Acción Social, Ética y medioambiental
  • A Rocha. Organización cristiana dedicada a la conservación de la naturaleza, a través de proyectos interculturales comunitarios enfocados en la ciencia, investigación, conservación práctica y educación ambiental.
  • Coexist Foundation. Charity which works to promote understanding and respect between Jews, Christians and Muslims through education, dialogue and research.
  • The John Ray Initiative. Educational charity with a vision to bring together scientific and Christian understandings of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective action.


Ciencias Naturales
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
  • Cultura y Religión. Revista especializada en investigaciones científicas sobre ciencias sociales y religiones, particularmente en Chile y América Latina.
  • Social Science Research Network. Virtual library devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of different social sciences.
  • The Gifford Lectures Series. Online database of these renowned lectures on Natural Theology, dependent on four universities in Scotland: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews.
  • Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy. Online database with more of a hundred articles. It depends on Philosophy Department of Calvin College in USA.
Teología Interdisciplinaria
  • Essay File, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Online database of theology papers, maintained by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library, USA.
  • Fraternidad. Revista de teología interdisciplinaria dependiente de la Fraternidad Teológica Latinoamericana en Chile.
  • ISEDET, Publicaciones electrónicas. Artículos de utilidad para estudiantes, profesores, investigadores en de Teología y otros campos afínes.
  • Publicaciones Ribla. Revista de interpretación bíblica latinoamericana, dependiente del Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias.
  • Servicios Koinonia. Punto de red inspirado en la espiritualidad y la teología de la liberación, con sabor «latinoamericano», abierto a las nuevas corrientes de pensamiento teológico y de espiritualidad macroecuménica.
  • Teología y Cultura. Publicaciones dedicadas a conectar el pensamiento teológico con la cultura humana en sus diversas expresiones.
  • Archives of The Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies. Online database of interesting articles by scholars of Wesleyan and Methodist traditions.
Publicaciones Misceláneas


Ciencias Naturales
  • Counterbalance. Non-profit educational organization working to promote  the public understanding of science, and how it relates to ethical and religious concerns.
  • God: new evidence. A series of six videos exploring how the evidence from cosmic fine-tunig points to the reality of a creator God.
  • James Gregory Lectures. A series of public lectures on Science and Religion, by eminent national and international speakers was held at the University of St Andrews.
  • Meaningoflive.tv. A series of interviews directed by Robert Wright, sponsored by Slate, and funded by the Templeton Foundation.
  • Scibel. Initiative that was born out of a survey of students' opinions on science and Christian faith in the UK, and assisted from various Christian organization
  • Test of Faith. Project dedicated to disclose introductory resources from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.
  • Tubo de Ensayo. Magazine dependiende de la revista "Protestante Digital" dedicado al diáologo y debate sobre temas en ciencia y fe.
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
  • Pentecostalidad. Revista latinoamericana de teología pentecostal y medio oficial de la Red Latinoamericana de Estudios Pentecostales.
  • Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Forum that seeks to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affair.
  • Servicios Teológicos. Espacio virtual chileno dedicado a la educación online de teología, ciencias bíblicas y ciencias de las religión. 
Publicaciones Misceláneas
  • Arvo.net. Sitio web católico dedicado a la difusión de ideas coherentes con el humanismo cristiano, a través de artículos de ciencia, artes, filosofía, teología, etc.
  • Bethinking.org. Website dedicated to bring together resources to help you to understand, defend and communicate the Christian faith.
  • Big Think. Knowledge online forum, dedicated to make known the ideas that manage and dominate this world of information.
  • Conoze.com. Sitio web católico español, que surgió como respuesta a una campaña contra la Iglesia Católica en el verano de 2001 en España.
  • Estudios Evangélicos. Revista chilena enfocada en temas de relevancia pública, con miras al servicio a Dios y al prójimo a través de diversas áreas laborales.
  • Expresión Espiritual. Revista mexicana al servicio de la comunidad, dedicada a la libre expresión de ideas religiosas desde una perspectiva ecuménica.
  • Lupa Protestante. Revista de teología y opinión publicada desde Catalunya, comprometida con la praxis y el mensaje de Jesús de Nazaret.
  • Tendencias 21. Publicación electrónica independiente que recoge los principales avances estratégicos en ciencia, tecnología, sociedad y cultura.

  • Talk Origins Archive. Collection of articles and essays that explore the creationism/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective.
  • The Secular Web. Website owned and operated by Internet Infidels Inc. and dedicated to promoting a naturalistic worldview on the Internet.
  • The Skeptic's Dictionary. Resources dedicated to exploring strange beliefs, amusing deceptions and dangerous delusions.